Awards, the why.

It is one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences to create a piece of photographic art and place it in front of a panel of photography judges for them to score your image based on their individual knowledge and experience. I often get asked, why do I do it?  Why do I put […]

Sitting Babies…and all of those challenges!

We talk so much on here about photographing newborns and all the challenges that they bring. These tiny, precious little people, with their little hands an the little feet.  The wrapping, the adjusting, the posing and then adjusting some more! And then of course, most importantly there is the light. Truth be told, if we […]

Online Award Editing Workshop

Join Kelly Brown for the Award Editing Workshop. Having judged and entered her share of Photography Competitions, Kelly has created this focused workshop for photographers wanting to take their imagery that extra step further. Kelly will demonstrate every step she takes to prepare her photographs based on the rules and what judges are looking for. […]

Let your creativity flow

Being able to create something that is one off for your clients is the best way to keep your creative juices flowing and a great way to stay motivated.  Putting this session together is some that I will remember as a photographer but the memories that I been able to create for this beautiful mum […]

What inspires you? – Kelly Brown Creative and Personal Photography

I don’t often share my personal work or award photographs but recently I presented a class at The Portrait Masters in Palm Springs about finding my inspiration and bringing it to life. It was the first time I have presented on this topic and I absolutely loved it so thought I would share my opening […]

The importance of family photography

Most people know me as a newborn photographer, but since moving into my new Brisbane photography studio, I am branching into family photography more and more. When you ask people what they would rescue from their burning house, the most common answer is “family photographs”. When people panic, they would rather grab photos than valuable jewellery or […]