Tips for a safer studio environment

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of safety practices, we hope these points will prompt you to put procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of those who enter your studio, and the premises itself. With stands and cables, your studio is full of potential hazards, so we must prioritise […]

Add Variety to your Digital Backgrounds

add variety to digital backgrounds

Digital backgrounds are a fabulous way to add variety to your client galleries. They can help you to add a “wow factor” without the financial expense or time needed to create your own custom props. They can also be useful if you’ve found yourself unable to capture the variety you would typically like from a […]

Why You Should Use Photoshop Snapshots

using photoshop snapshots

Snapshots allow you to create a record of stages in your editing process, to refer back to during the editing session. Note, they are a temporary record, remaining accessible only for the duration of your active editing session. They will disappear when you close your image. Nonetheless, there are many benefits to working with Photoshop […]

Preparing your Model Call for best results

newborn posing model call templates for social media

Model calls are a topic we often see discussed in the NewbornPosing Facebook Community. In this article, we’ll look at what model calls are, how to advertise and prepare for one, and best practices for dealing with your model. WHAT ARE PHOTOGRAPHY MODEL CALLS? In domestic photography, model calls are typically a method of finding […]

Understanding Newborn Behaviour

understanding newborn posing, image shows crying baby,

As photographers, it’s our job to understand newborn behaviour.. All babies are born with very different behavioural styles or temperaments. Some are more relaxed and easy-going; others appear more intense and dramatic. Some seem to move constantly, others are more relaxed. And some are happy most of the time, while others can be more serious. […]

3 Customisable Photoshop Shortcuts to Help You Work Faster

3 Customisable Photoshop Shortcuts to Help You Work Faster

Whether your relationship with Adobe Photoshop is one of love or hate, we all want to get things done faster. To help with this, Photoshop has several customisable shortcuts which you can tailor to suit your editing needs and habits. In this article, we’ll show you three types of customisable Photoshop shortcuts, which will improve […]

Creating Social Media Content Faster

Newborn photography with Kelly Brown

There are very few photography businesses today which aren’t using social media in their brand awareness and marketing strategies. Creating this content can be time-consuming, and we recommend quality over quantity. These steps will ensure you’re creating social media content faster. GET ORGANISED, WITH A MEDIA LIBRARY! To help you focus on delivering quality content, […]

Do You Know Your Responsibilities as a Business Owner?

Whether you’re setting up your first newborn photography studio or taking your existing business to the next level, there are a number of responsibilities, both practical and legal, you must address. Do you know your responsibilities as a business owner? The rules which govern many of these responsibilities may differ based on the city/country in […]