Newborn Safety Forum

Newborn Safety is of paramount importance for our genre. Newborn Photographers focus is on creating beautiful images for their clients, but at what potential cost? As photographers, we are handling the most delicate of human beings for our clients and first and foremost, newborn safety is what is most important as a parent, as photographer, and […]

Control your shadow and highlight detail in camera – Newborn Photography

Newborn Posing by Kelly Brown

Our goal at Newborn Posing is to equip you with the knowledge to develop your skills, from a grassroots level and upwards. So our hope is to see you develop the most efficient and effective ways to get the most from your camera and capture your best possible images. As you would have read in […]


If you’re anything like us here in the studio, new product announcements from Adobe create a lot of excitement! The Adobe MAX 2018 keynote truly shows their commitment to embracing the future of technology, particularly with innovations in virtual and augmented reality.  You can watch the full keynote (2hr 41min) on YouTube. If you’re a Creative Cloud […]

Awards, the why.

It is one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences to create a piece of photographic art and place it in front of a panel of photography judges for them to score your image based on their individual knowledge and experience. I often get asked, why do I do it?  Why do I put […]

Sitting Babies…and all of those challenges!

We talk so much on here about photographing newborns and all the challenges that they bring. These tiny, precious little people, with their little hands an the little feet.  The wrapping, the adjusting, the posing and then adjusting some more! And then of course, most importantly there is the light. Truth be told, if we […]