Do You Know Your Responsibilities as a Business Owner?

Whether you’re setting up your first newborn photography studio or taking your existing business to the next level, there are a number of responsibilities, both practical and legal, you must address. While the rules and regulations which govern many of these responsibilities may differ based on the city/country in which you are operating, this article […]

Full Newborn Session Filmed live

Why do photographers experience anxiety when photographing newborn babies rather than those like me that have confidence from 15 years of experience and have built a successful session workflow…” I often hear how disheartened some photographers are when they confide in me: “When I try to speed up my sessions, I experience so much pressure […]

Becoming a Fellow of The Society of Photographers


Anyone who follows me understands I am completely invigorated by the awards process and the vibe and energy that comes from entering awards.  It gives me a chance to try new things, to push myself and it tends to make my brain operate on a different frequency.  This is something that all newborn photographers, family photographers, actually […]

In Parents Hands, tips by Kelly Brown

In Parents Hands Pose with Kelly Brown

Posing the baby In Parent Hands has the baby positioned safely within the parent’s hands, showing how small their newborn baby is in comparison to their own hands. Kelly’s Tips for creating an incredible In Parents Hands image: BLANKET TIP Use a Matte fabric without any shine, to eliminate light reflections in your fabric and to […]

Potato Sack, Newborn Posing with Kelly Brown


The Potato Sack Pose is where the baby is wrapped and positioned upright with the chin resting on hands and placed in the center of the posing bag while being supported by an assistant/spotter.  Kelly’s top tips for achieving the Potato Sack pose safely and with great success are: ANGLE TIP Shoot from an elevated […]