We post so many images online in our social media channels, websites, and blogs. And while it mightn’t be as much fun as creating images, optimising our images to load quickly is essential. Optimisation helps ensure those images are seen by our audiences.

The worldwide web is full of media-rich content. And we need to remember our audiences may have limited time, internet speed, or viewing limitations, including screen size.

Image optimisation requires:
– image resizing;
– choosing the most suitable file format;
– choosing appropriate quality (compression);

Our RESIZE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA 2019 Photoshop Action Set and video tutorials will help you achieve this, and it’s free!


Your digital SLR cameras (DSLRs) produce high-resolution files containing a massive number of pixels. So they’re perfect for large format printing but much larger than necessary (or practical) for online use.

Today (2019), most DSLRs capture a native (out of camera) resolution anywhere from 6000 to 9000 pixels on the long side, depending on the camera model. This will typically produce a great quality fine art print of at least 20 inches on the long side, but, by contrast, many mobile devices still display fewer than 1280 pixels.

Therefore, your web galleries and blog will benefit from resizing your images from their large native resolution down to an optimised size, more suited to your audience’s viewing conditions.


As of June 30, 2019, Facebook reports 2.41 billion monthly active users, with more than 2.1 billion people using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every day on average.

resize for social media action for photoshop

To help control the massive flow of data spilling across the internet, social media platforms such as Facebook impose limits to ensure their media-dense platform performs as well as can be expected. For example, you’ll notice if you upload a high-resolution image to Facebook, the application resizes and compresses it for you. However, it doesn’t give you any control over the quality.

Through our testing, we’ve found we’re much happier with the results when we have control over our image optimisation. So we’ve created an action set for Photoshop which we’re sharing with you!

So how do you control what you contribute to this sea of image data?

We’ve created a RESIZE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA 2019 Action Set for Photoshop, which you can download for free. The actions are based on our ideal resize, sharpen and optimise preferences to suit the needs of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, currently, in 2019. We run these actions on our images before uploading them to our various online platforms.

Our 2019 update of this action includes 2 sizing options which can be run in Adobe Photoshop. In addition, we’ve added a bonus action which, when used with Adobe Bridge’s Image Processor, will automate the optimisation of multiple images. (See the included tutorial videos once you add to your library.)

We strongly advise watching the included video tutorials prior to use. These demonstrate:

  • unzipping and installing the action set into Photoshop
  • running the action/s on a single image
  • using Adobe Bridge’s Image Processor function to resize multiple images
  • and, preparing the Image Processor action for use as you are required to turn off a warning we have intentionally included for you


Without image optimisation we aren’t presenting our images at their best on social media and our websites may suffer “page bloat”. This negatively impacts page loading speed, SEO performance, and your audience’s willingness to stay engaged.

By using our free RESIZE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA 2019 Action Set for Photoshop you will see improved quality and engagement with your images across your social media channels and your website.

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