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Who is Kelly Brown?

Kelly is a world renowned photographer, who has been specialising in baby photography for over 17 years.

Kelly is a Grand Master of WPPI and a Fellow of SWPP. Her reputation as a creative professional with commitment to quality has seen her named a Canon Australia Master, Canson Infinity Ambassador and Graphistudio Ambassador.

To meet a growing international demand for training, Kelly then launched her own online education platform, dedicated to newborn photographers, in February 2017. newbornposing.com has since become the definitive resource for over 65,000 family photographers.

Reviews (12)

  1. Kay Hamilton

    Extremely well explained at a good pace to grasp the concept

  2. Daniel Knott

    Great, time saving action, thank you!

  3. Lachelle Saieh

    I love how fast the action is. I usually do the color myself but with the action, it saves me time.

  4. Ani Ghelichian

    I think photographers should have this action , because it’s hard to have all colors but this action let you have variety colors , and magic happens:)

  5. Amy Neeson

    I love this colour change action. Thanks for the tutorial on how to use it also. It’s so simple! And the results are great. Thanks again! Amy 🙂

  6. Angela O’Neal

    Great tool! Thank you!

  7. Bev Pettit

    Looking forward to playing with this action in PS. Thank you!

  8. Moana Hallett

    love this action, thanks so much.

  9. Irene Kok

    Although I have used layers and masking for years – it is good to know and see that one is one the right track. Such a pleasant voice to listen too.

  10. Jade Stafford

    love it 🙂

  11. Gabriela Rusu

    Very important, helpful and applicable for me! Thank you!

  12. Nicola Reddy

    This is brilliant thank you so much!! Just tested it out, this will save me so much money and time!!

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