Wraps!! At Newborn Posing one of the most frequently asked questions is about wraps. There are so many products out there and there are some that work really well, and some that fall short of my expectations. So I figured, it’s time I simply break it down for you.

Firstly, let’s look at why we wrap which will help demonstrate why I’m so particular about which work best.

Wrapping a newborn baby is my go to for awake and unsettled babies. It is the quickest and easiest way to calm a baby as it ensures they feel secure and safe, eliminating any startle reflex response, which is sure to wake them.

Wrapping also allows me to speed up my session workflow. Starting the baby wrapped at the beginning of the session, ensures that by the time I am ready to move on to photograph them without a wrap, they are well and truly sleepy and relaxed, which makes it far easier to transition them into the next pose.


There are two things I find really important when it comes to wrapping – length and stretch.

The ideal length for your Newborn Posing wraps is 1 – 1.5metres long, or approximately 3-5 feet. This gives you enough length for every wrap in our Wrapping Tutorial and ensures that you have the flexibility to style your images how you would like to.

The fabric needs to be soft and stretchy to allow you to wrap the newborn baby gently, yet keeping the baby secure and safe. This will keep your fabrics smooth as well, without distracting bumps for your images.

My favourite Newborn Wraps are from Free Bird Shoppe. Their wraps are the perfect length and their range of colours is so extensive, I don’t need to look anywhere else.

I would love to see your favourite wrapped images, feel free to share yours in the Newborn Posing Group on Facebook.

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