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Beautiful Skin & Details Photoshop Actions
newborn photoshop actions by kelly brown
All In One Workflow Photoshop Action
Sharpen & Details Photoshop Action Set
Season to Taste - Photoshop Action Set

Who is Kelly Brown?

Kelly is a world renowned photographer, who has been specialising in baby photography for over 18 years.

Kelly is a Grand Master of WPPI and a Fellow of SWPP. Her reputation as a creative professional with commitment to quality has seen her named a Canon Australia Master, Canson Infinity Ambassador and Graphistudio Ambassador.

To meet a growing international demand for training, Kelly then launched her own online education platform, dedicated to newborn photographers, in February 2017. newbornposing.com has since become the definitive resource for over 65,000 family photographers. In 2021, Kelly moved her online education to KELLYBROWNONLINE.COM  a members only subscription site that has been called the “Netflix” of photography with over 700 video tutorials covering everything a photographers needs to succeed in business.


Reviews (12)

  1. Marion Degerli

    Merveilleuse photographe. Avec ces actions je sais que je peux porter un grand plus à mon travail.

  2. Drew Webb

    really great and versatile workflow.

  3. Taylor Gribbon

    If you ever edit newborn photos you need these actions. I never had the time before to edit every single photo in my galleries to the elevated level in which I can effortlessly and quickly achieve with these actions. They make it so quick and tidy, instead of spending an hour on one image, it takes me 45seconds (and that’s with photoshops infamous buffering time). They have saved me time, and increased the value of my final product. I’m not saying you couldn’t do it yourself and edit your images similarly on your own (save for figuring out Kelly’s washes which I don’t personally use), but I am saying that it is simply not worth your time to do so with every single image, and Kelly has already figured out a system which will seamlessly do it for you. It would take you years to develop a similar actions system that completely edits every single one of your images to the level of perfection and sophistication that Kelly has created with this, if you ever got there. Not to mention you will make back the cost of these actions with the time you save editing one session, I promise you that. Save yourself time, and invest in this and I honestly don’t think you’ll regret it. In my opinion this was worth every penny

  4. Paula Miculete

    amazing, thank you!

  5. Eva Vicenzi

    Me encanto poder tener un flujo ya armado y jugar con él!

  6. Sue McDonnell

    As always, simply amazing

  7. Amy Paulhamus

    I have to say that this action has been a game-changer for me! I love how it has so many different layers that I can easily use or not!

  8. הניה מושקוביץ

    העבודה כל כך קלה כשרק צריך לראות מה שאוהבים, בלי ליצור שכבות בעצמי

  9. ashley mckelvey

    Made my workflow SO much easier and faster! Thank you, Kelly! <3

  10. Photo Shoppe

    Makes editing a breeze! Very easy to use. Gives instructions all along the way. You can’t go wrong.
    Thanks Kelly!

  11. Maria Wells

    I love this workflow, I love how versatile and easy it is to use. It has made a difference to my work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Kelly.

  12. Katie Fantin

    I use this all in one action for everything now! It has sped up my editing workflow so much. I can’t live without it.

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