Posing the baby In Parent Hands has the baby positioned safely within the parent’s hands, showing how small their newborn baby is in comparison to their own hands.

Kelly’s Tips for creating an incredible In Parents Hands image:


Use a Matte fabric without any shine, to eliminate light reflections in your fabric and to keep the blacks nice and rich.

Newborn Posing In Parents Hands


Keep the parent relaxed and comfortable at all times throughout the pose.  Things to consider are the placement of the hands and elbows on the posing bag and the floor they are sitting on and the comfort of their legs and back.

Newborn Posing with Kelly Brown and Newborn Posing


Have the parent facing toward the light source, and keep the light softly diffused.  This will ensure the baby’s face is evenly lit and the parent is not blocking your light source.

In Parents Hands Pose with Kelly Brown

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