Fine Art Maternity Session

$149.00 $14.90

Watch how Kelly brings together an idea from concept to reality in this studio session. These tutorials were recorded live, so you will see everything, as it happened.
Learn how to work with maternity clients to create stunning fine art images in 4 completely different setups. These videos also include how Kelly chooses the final images and the entire editing process. For beginners or advanced, this process is easy to follow, concise and can easily be replicated to create your own client’s session.
These videos include:

  1. Artistic Nudes (simulated)
  2. How to create unique setups
  3. How to use light to evoke emotion
  4. 9 x videos with a total of 2hours 45min of content

Also includes these bonus PDFs:

  • Preparation Guide: Learn how to work with and prepare your clients during a maternity session.
  • Lighting Diagrams: Illustrates the lighting used in each shot.

SUBTITLES – English & Spanish



Fine Art Maternity Session

$149.00 $14.90