Who is Kelly Brown?

Kelly is a world renowned photographer, who has been specialising in baby photography for over 18 years.

Kelly is a Grand Master of WPPI and a Fellow of SWPP. Her reputation as a creative professional with commitment to quality has seen her named a Canon Australia Master, Canson Infinity Ambassador and Graphistudio Ambassador.

To meet a growing international demand for training, Kelly then launched her own online education platform, dedicated to newborn photographers, in February 2017. newbornposing.com has since become the definitive resource for over 65,000 family photographers. In 2021, Kelly moved her online education to KELLYBROWNONLINE.COM  a members only subscription site that has been called the “Netflix” of photography with over 700 video tutorials covering everything a photographers needs to succeed in business.


Reviews (29)

  1. Wendi Hiller

    Great course!! Which I had watched it long time ago!!

  2. Barbara Leister

    Thank you very much 🙂

  3. Kateryna Mosondz

    I cannot find words to express how great and useful this course is! Probably, this is the best learning investment and the most useful online course I have ever purchased. Kelly, you are an amazing teacher and a very pleasant person to listen to. 🙂 Thank you so much for all the detailed info you explained!

    Since you are a Canon Ambassador, may I kindly ask for your advice which camera should I get for my newborn sessions: 5D Mark IV or EOS R? I really need your advice , I would highly appreciate it. I am thankful in advance.

  4. Tosin Esharefasa

    This is one I’m happy I invested in. The learning points are priceless.

  5. Cheryl DeNeve

    This video series has helped me so much! It’s very helpful to see the light placement and camera angles along with all the other valuable information… but the BIG a-ha moment for me was the teaching on proper exposure. I was underexposing too much because I was afraid of blowing highlights. Then, I would spend hours in Photoshop trying to get rid of the awful red skin tones. I would re-edit over and over and still not be happy. Today I paid close attention to exposure and I have beautiful images SOOOO that I can’t wait to edit. Thanks so much, Kelly! Highly recommend this video series!

  6. Judit Nyilasi

    I really enjoyed this course, Kelly is a fantastic teacher with a beautiful relaxing voice. I got more than I expected. I came to learn camera settings to improve my ROOC images but I learned a lot in editing too.

  7. Maureen Henry

    When Kelly says “I’m going to teach you everything I know.” She means it. I learned so much about lighting, posing and editing. I am so much more confident after watching this series. <3

  8. Flora Levin

    A must class to have.

  9. Adri Engelbrecht

    Blown away about the calmness and way Kelly presents this content it makes you feel anything is possible thank you for your time effort and caring heart for everyone to reach their best potential

  10. Julie Anderson

    Amazingly put together, easily understood and tips that I put into action right away. Kelly you truly are a great educator, thank you!

  11. Tanita Cain

    Thank you Kelly for being so open and sharing all your amazing wealth of experience from the industry, very lucky to now have your guidance for my own business and having your video as a point of reference whenever I need it, is comforting, thanks again.
    Warmest regards
    Tanita from Cain Photography Perth

  12. Rachel Burton

    Crazily low price for the amount of knowledge! This is a must have for new and accomplished photographers alike.

  13. Sevde Genc

    If i didnt leave a review for this course it would be an injustice for Kelly’s labour. This course gave me a chance to know my camera. even i had a basic photography course, i learned real info here with Kelly. Now i feel moore confident for my shots. ı also want to thank Kelly for explaining every details with a big teaching love. PS Sorry for my lack of english. but im sure u got it.

  14. Shannon Boden

    Pure Gold!!! I learned so much from this course and I’m even upgrading my camera because I want to use the histogram and my current camera does not offer that feature. I’m excited to try the things I learned out and shorten my edit time 😀 Thank you soooo MUCH Kelly!!!

  15. Kristina Rehman

    Amazing course just great. Thank you Kelly

  16. Heather Sorrell

    Amazing, I learnt so much… so many light bulb moments and Kelly explains them so well. Just loved the use of the histogram throughout the lessons it has helped me so much. Thanks Kelly

  17. Beatriz Garlaschi

    This is an amazing course. I love the clarity of Kelly’s explanations, her natural way of teaching, and the generosity of her advices. Kelly shares all her knowledge and I’m learning a lot of photography.
    I really recommend this course, it is pure magic. I’m very grateful, and for the price, it is a gift.

  18. Lynn Betts

    Amazing. I am so impressed with the amount of content and how explanatory Kelly is with her classes. It’s worth every penny.

  19. Laurie Myers

    I have several of Kelly’s videos, and they are all amazing. This one is one of my favorites….so many “aha moments!” If you are on the fence, or are wondering if you would benefit from this class…trust me, you won’t be sorry.

  20. Keren Padayachee

    Fantastic just what I have been looking for. Thanks you again Kelly you are amazing

  21. Melissa Soto

    As always she’s exceeds my expectations with her skill, expertise and gentle nature. I love learning from kelly and I am grateful that she shares her skills at such great prices.

  22. Jodie Smith

    Amazing. This is the first tutorial I’ve watched from Kelly and as a new photographer I’m so glad I have. I feel like I’ve and a one on one workshop! The information and detail here is amazing, I’ve learned so so much. It happens to be international women’s day as I write this, and what an inspirational woman Kelly is. Thank you for sharing you passion and skill with us.

  23. Anna Reterska-Trzaskowska

    That is just what I have been looking for for years! It is the key to start making correct photos. It is presented everywhere how to inspire, but no one shows the technical aspects. Kelly gives a lot of herself by showing us her secrets, that she has been learning for years. I find this course really valuable! Thank you for sharing your konwledge.

  24. Kim Wright

    I have loved watching these tutorials and have learnt so much from them. I can see all the mistakes I’m making. I cant wait to get some practice in at getting in right in camera!!

  25. Agnieszka Bak

    I purchased lots of Kelly’s tutorials and I love them all but I believe this one is an absolute must for every single newborn photographer . If you don’t know where to start , start with “Getting it right in camera” . Highly recommended x

  26. Shae Gines

    I wish I could express into words how drastically these videos changed my art! – Art, wow, I can actually say that confidently now. The way Kelly teaches is beyond words. The skill and knowledge that she shows along with her caring nature, is easily transformed into understanding and I now possess those same tools. The level that you reach after watching these videos will surprise you. Implementing these techniques is easy and honestly a breath of fresh air. Thank you for helping me improve my images, workflow and confidence as a newborn photographer. -Shae

  27. Ahindris Ramos

    Its perfect!! I love it, Higly recommend this course. You are the best Kelly!!!

  28. Shynargul Askharova

    Just amazing! This is a must-have! Highly recommend this course.

  29. esther lasry

    Very helpful and basic information that we left Behind .

    Thank you so much Kelly.

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