Who is Kelly Brown?

Kelly is a world renowned photographer, who has been specialising in baby photography for over 17 years.

Kelly is a Grand Master of WPPI and a Fellow of SWPP. Her reputation as a creative professional with commitment to quality has seen her named a Canon Australia Master, Canson Infinity Ambassador and Graphistudio Ambassador.

To meet a growing international demand for training, Kelly then launched her own online education platform, dedicated to newborn photographers, in February 2017. newbornposing.com has since become the definitive resource for over 65,000 family photographers. In 2021, Kelly moved her online education to KELLYBROWNONLINE.COM  a members only subscription site that has been called the “Netflix” of photography.


Reviews (7)

  1. Charlene Wright

    I am thrilled with The Kelly Brown Online course I purchased. The content and training is informative and hands on. Kelly you’re an incredible, artist, photographer and teacher, so talented. Wish I could take part in the Lives but the time difference is dreadful here in Qatar. However, I watch every single live, Q&A and image critiques each week. Thank you Kelly.

  2. anne willette

    so helpful thanks for sharing your incredible talents with us!

  3. Iriana Urdaneta

    Wow it was amazing, enjoy every step of the session, Thank you very much Kelly for providing so much detailed, safe and real-time information on how crazy and structured newborn sessions are!

  4. Sabina Lipkin

    Wow! This is amazing.
    Thank you for all of the information and knowledge 🙂

  5. Olha Metluk

    Kelly, thank you very much for this live session. Bonus points for choosing such an unsettling baby 😉 I find it very helpful that you stressed out again that the patience is the key. I just repeat it to myself during the sessions and this small truth makes wonders. It’s also useful to see how you act during the shooting and that you’re not a robot with a poker face on, but that you get stressed a bit too, and how you cope with that. Hope the wine tasted afterwords . 😉
    Kind regards, beautiful life images

  6. Nancy Hazen

    Once again Kelly you have offered us amazing instruction for newborns, young children and families. I frequently watch and rewatch your classes working to perfect my photography. Not only are your teaching techniques easy to follow, but your compassion and integrity as you honor your subjects’ personality and needs has made a lasting impression on me. Thank you again.
    Nancy Hazen Photography

  7. Tanya Beaudry

    Amazing! I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch the entire LIVE session, and – as always – I learned so much! I have purchased/watched almost all of the classes on your site, as well as everything that you had shot with CreativeLive, and it has truly changed the way I shoot, deal with clients, work with newborns, and set up sessions. Thank you SO MUCH for providing so much detailed, safe, and “real” information!

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