Pretzel Wrap uses a long stretchy wrap to keep the baby in position, allowing you to see both the babies hands and feet in a cozy, comfortable position.

My Top tips for achieving a great Pretzel Wrap image are:

Posing Bag Tip

To elevate baby’s head for this pose and create a nice well for the baby to be placed in, I use Cloth Nappies (diapers) on top of my posing bag or prop and under my blanket as they are easy to mould into the desired shape.



Lighting Tip

Watch the highlights as they fall across the baby’s face and turn the baby to control where the shadows fall, and to keep control of the stronger highlights on baby legs and arms.

Pretzel Wrap with Kelly Brown of Newborn Posing


Wrapping baby on your lap creates a secure, stable platform to work on whilst ensuring you maintain good posture and spinal health.

Pretzel Wrap with Kelly Brown