Who is Kelly Brown?

Kelly is a world renowned photographer, who has been specialising in baby photography for over 17 years.

Kelly is a Grand Master of WPPI and a Fellow of SWPP. Her reputation as a creative professional with commitment to quality has seen her named a Canon Australia Master, Canson Infinity Ambassador and Graphistudio Ambassador.

To meet a growing international demand for training, Kelly then launched her own online education platform, dedicated to newborn photographers, in February 2017. newbornposing.com has since become the definitive resource for over 65,000 family photographers. In 2021, Kelly moved her online education to KELLYBROWNONLINE.COM  a members only subscription site that has been called the “Netflix” of photography.


Reviews (29)

  1. Rosaleen Bonnar

    the amount i’ve already learned is incredible and i’ll keep coming back to these videos time and time again.

  2. María García

    Muchas gracias por este curso en español. Desearía más sobre iluminación, es el tema más interesante, de hecho, es nuestra materia prima 😉

  3. Rachel Burton

    Wow. If you don’t have it… just get it. you will not be disappointed with this much knowledge and made so easy to understand.

  4. Zoja Hussainova

    Really fantastic lessons! Bought them earlier but could watch only today and realized that I had had to watch as soon as I had bought it!!! Important things in such nice description, not only about newborns but in every area of photo. Thank You very much!

  5. Sonia Pusey

    Brilliant course. Can’t rate it highly enough. Everybody, no matter what type of photographer you are or aspire to be should watch this course. It has given my photography a whole new meaning and purpose. Can’t wait to start putting it ALL into action. Thankyou so much Ryan and Kelly for sharing your amazing knowledge.

  6. Lera Broz

    I have been purchasing and watching multiple lighting and exposure workshops religiously just trying to learn to “see the lighting” and understand my histogram beyond the basic “shadows-midtines-highlights” concept. I have to say, Ryan’s explanation of histogram and exposure did in 20 minutes what multi-day workshops and several books couldn’t do for me. In a conscise and layman’s terms Ryan explains what exactly you are looking for in your histogram, what proper exposure looks like specifically for skin tones, and what you want your shadows to look like. If I could give him and Kelly a huge hug in person for this incredible course, I would. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  7. Jodie Smith

    Just amazing! So clearly explained and detailed, a fantastic learning aid. I’m so glad I got this tutorial it’s completely changed they way I think about lighting.
    Thank you so much Ryan and Kelly.

  8. Maria Wells

    This course was brilliant. I loved how Ryan explained the histogram, I came away with a much thorough understanding than I had previously. And also pushing the histogram to shadows, giving more depth, mystery to the subject. I find myself exploring this more and more in different situations. Thank you Ryan and thank you Kelly for introducing Ryan to us.

  9. Bridget Scott

    Brilliant course, I have learnt so much. Ryan is very good at explaining things in a simple way. Now to try and put this into practice!

  10. christine bader

    I love this course so much and I am so glad I purchased it. Ryan, you are one of the BEST teachers I have ever had. I learned so many new things with a deep level of comprehension. Breaking things down in small increments as you did was seriously sensational. You forced me to not get overjammed! I have taken many a course and I can honestly say I am thrilled. I can’t wait to get to start seeing shadows in that kind of “can I get my 3d look” way! I wish you would teach more and Kelly, thank you so much for adding this to your offering. Peace and light!

  11. Chamal Dissanayake

    Straight to the point No BS jargain…. 🙂 Learned a lot from this class. Thanks for sharing your knowledge..

  12. Eman Eltaki

    This is the first time ever did I understand light in technical terms. You make so simple in words and practical to stick inside my head.
    You have answered all of the concerns and comments I had on my photos.
    Thank you so much

  13. Olha Metluk

    i am a book worm, but i’d prefer this course to every book, as it it so simply explained and much less time taking. i’m rewatching some parts again and again in case there are any questions i have in my head.

  14. Deniz Kaynakci

    Information shared in this course was priceless, explaining everything step by step clearly. Thank you very much Ryan and Kelly I’ve learned a lot.

  15. Deborah Scop

    Really loved the class with Ryan Schembri. He really knows his lighting and he explains everything very well. Wonderful to see him working the lighting with a newborn in studio so I could see exactly how he works, exactly what to do, and how the light can be feathered. He is an excellent teacher. So glad I bought this class.

  16. Ahindris Ramos

    I just love it, so many things i learn, specially the reading of the histogram and the exposure . You need to do another one, Ryan, you are an amazing teacher ( I love your accent ; )

  17. Jamal Alchaar

    Excellent videos

  18. Karen Owen

    Lighting has been the bane of my photography existence from the very beginning. I just cannot “see” light and couldn’t understand how to. This course changed it all! The lessons are short and concise but Ryan is an excellent teacher who breaks the concept down into manageable and understandable pieces. Then he follows up with real life examples. As a visual learner, this was a tremendous help. I would highly recommend this course and wish I could give it more than five stars!

  19. hannya Romo Garza

    Excellent course. I loved that he made it very clear and simple!

  20. Sabrina Salihovic

    thank you so much this courses are perfect!
    Highly ..thank you so much Ryan (and Kelly)

  21. Laura Cole

    This course has helped me so much! The video on exposure – THANK YOU!! So much has clicked now. A great resource to have.

  22. Tina and Jade Watt/Watt-Norton

    This course has been absolutely amazing i have learnt so much valuable information about lighting and can’t wait to put it in practice in my next session.
    These videos are a must have 😀

  23. Cassie Witman Terwilliger

    This course with Ryan has been so absolutely informational. I’ve been lighting all wrong. I now have a better understanding of light and exposure that I’m very excited to start testing out and better my photographic abilities. Thank you so much, Ryan!

  24. Deb Muir

    Guys if you don’t get this and watch it again and again you are seriously missing out, Ryan explains lighting perfectly, and I’m sure he could talk a lot more about lighting, but this is perfect, Thank you 🙂 Now go and buy it guys!!

  25. Jose Carlos Carrillo

    excelente material muy bien recomendado al 100%. Lo de la exposición del histograma una maravilla

  26. Sherry Pratt

    These videos are a “must have” to take you to the next level in professional images. I learned so much! I see the value of detail in lighting more now than ever. I especially appreciated the insight into the history of light and the well presented comprehensive technical information. You hit it out of the park Ryan! Thank you so much Kelly and Ryan!

  27. Noemie Vonthron

    These were great videos and everything was very well explained! I really have enjoyed watching this. Thank you

  28. Andrea Willmore

    Really enjoyed watching this and learnt a ton. Love that it was broken down into different light sources and enjoyed learning more about the history. Thank you Ryan and Kelly.

  29. Agata Pitera

    Just watched all the videos and what I can say is WOW!!!didn’t know most of things that Ryan covers there I have learned so much!He is such a fantastic teacher! Highly recommend!!! Best comprehensive lighting videos ever!!!! Thank you Kelly Brown and Ryan Schembri❤️

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